Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Chanel's latest show!

It is very Chanel, very Karl Lagerfield, not particularly ground-breaking but I suppose Chanel is more associated with timeless classicism than daring new trends.

Most of the show seemed rooted in lace, tweed, and frills, very feminine and romantic. Silhouettes took inspiration from vintage decades like the 20s and 60s and ballet. Curiously the models' hair and make-up appeared very degas circa le danseur, n'est pas?

It is definitely on par with what I want from fashion (and my life!) right now-simplicity and sophistication, I'm just not sure whether I would be ready to pay a couple grand for it...
 More images and commentary after the jump

My favorites which made me want to cheer!

That's not to say that there weren't misses-there definitely were quite a few, including this opus:

all images via style.com
Additionally almost all of the models used were white with one or two asian models (I think I saw Shu Pei), I don't know if Unkle Karl decided to keep the rose motif with skin tones but discrimination is definitely not fashionable.

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