Thursday, January 27, 2011


College Interview!
Life is fast approaching and one of my top choices has called and set up an interview, woot! I am not sure whether this means really anything but am tres excite (in a totally non-sexual way but I forget the other adjective being the dedicated french scholar I am)!

What I am wearing:
well it is just before a ballet class so maybe I will wear my leotard underneath (classy I know) but because the school is an Ivy I probably should clean up even if the interview is in a cafe.

*my outfit will hopefully be:
my brown boots
dark blue tights (that are convertible for dance heehee)
 vintage tartan plaid dress
pink cardigan

I will do my usual obscene ballet make-up (Jesus I'm just going to sweat it off so why do I feel like I have to wear 10 pounds of mascara?) and do a polished ponytail so I can wrap it up a la cinna bun for dance class.

* will post (my first!) pictures and full review

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