Sunday, January 30, 2011


Winter Away Haiku


The promise of spring
belies these arctic-cold climes
yet I hope for sun


My thoughts on the Grishko "Miracle" pointe shoe


Hello Hype! My fitter was so enthusiastic about this new shoe and she also was giving me a generous discount on the "lightest, quietest shoe with nanotechnology". 

The main reason why I bought them is because she said they would last me longer than either Freeds (which I kill within a class) or the Grishko Pro Quiets (which I kill within 2 weeks or 1 depending on how many classes I take).

It has been about 2 weeks and I'm pretty close to snapping the shank although the box is still very hard (actually reminds me quite a bit of my old Russian Pointes whose box lived for like 6 months). Additionally the shoe fits my feet oddly, I sink but the box puts a lot of pressure onto my bunion joints, the knuckles of my toes are pop out when I point my feet, and finally the heel of my shoe keeps on coming off much to the chagrin of my teacher so I will be forced to sew on ugly little "suspenders" to the backs of the shoe.

Next time I'll pass on the over-hyped gimmick shoe and just do my plain ol' Grishkos.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Ballet Black and White Dramaruma

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Friday, January 28, 2011


I am Neutral on Valentino's Show
it was ethereal nudes and beiges with red accents, sort of like  (lord strike me down) elaborate tampon commercial.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


College Interview!
Life is fast approaching and one of my top choices has called and set up an interview, woot! I am not sure whether this means really anything but am tres excite (in a totally non-sexual way but I forget the other adjective being the dedicated french scholar I am)!

What I am wearing:
well it is just before a ballet class so maybe I will wear my leotard underneath (classy I know) but because the school is an Ivy I probably should clean up even if the interview is in a cafe.

*my outfit will hopefully be:
my brown boots
dark blue tights (that are convertible for dance heehee)
 vintage tartan plaid dress
pink cardigan

I will do my usual obscene ballet make-up (Jesus I'm just going to sweat it off so why do I feel like I have to wear 10 pounds of mascara?) and do a polished ponytail so I can wrap it up a la cinna bun for dance class.

* will post (my first!) pictures and full review


More birds of a different feather

Odette & Odile
alice by temperly

Alexander McQueen via

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Avian Haiku

image via

little filaments
feathers waving in the wind
the swan flaps her wing


Please sweet baby Jesus let this be my prom gown!

Oh and the shoes plz 

images via

The dress is from the Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture show, it's worth a peek


Rehearsal is special
you can practice your pieces without the pressure of an audience and get still corrections
I love watching others rehearse;  the disparity of the leotard, tattered leg warmers, and dirty shoes juxtaposed with the grand aristocratic gestures of the dancers is always interesting.

Right now I am rehearsing Aurora's wedding variation from Sleeping Beauty for our showcase,
err wish me luck on the menage !!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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This tension ever-pounding in my head,
gives cutting wings to my bounding bright fears,
a superfluity of dark reason,
Again, to keep me from my restful bed 

(me, verses 1-4 from my life)


Chanel's latest show!

It is very Chanel, very Karl Lagerfield, not particularly ground-breaking but I suppose Chanel is more associated with timeless classicism than daring new trends.

Most of the show seemed rooted in lace, tweed, and frills, very feminine and romantic. Silhouettes took inspiration from vintage decades like the 20s and 60s and ballet. Curiously the models' hair and make-up appeared very degas circa le danseur, n'est pas?

It is definitely on par with what I want from fashion (and my life!) right now-simplicity and sophistication, I'm just not sure whether I would be ready to pay a couple grand for it...
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Monday, January 24, 2011


Fashion Fix or What I am Craving:

This Lady-Like Dress which I would wear to a hypothetical tea party if I were a cultured dame

image via

Lacy Lingerie- sweet N' low like a light sartorial confection. No whorish Victoria Secret "SUPA SEXI" for me, I'm a good girl I am.


TIGHTS and NOT the pink rosin-stained ballet kind ;), I need some classy nylons.

American Apparel, I know not very classy but IRONICALLY they are pretty tame.
(see what I did there you hipster kids you)

UK Tights, A tad tres sexy but who's a sucker for trompe d'oeil? I am

Probably the only thing on this list I can actually buy on my bitty budget, Thanks Forever 21!


I do not know if it is the impending yet so deliciously commercial Valentine's Day, but recently I have had more love for romantic ballet than normal. "Romantic" in the sense that it is not Romeo and Juliet but that it was rendered in the 19th century during the Romanticism movement.  Giselle and La Sylphide come to mind along with some other Dutch Bournonville stuff.

Lucky for me my teacher has us doing Balanchine, and by lucky I mean Balanchine is, like, the opposite of Romantic ballet, verging on contemporary. Not hating on B though, it just is shitty timing!

To conclude my sentiments here is the extraordinary Ms. Osipova and her wonderful ballone!


First post on this brand-spanking new blog!
I said to myself "Self what should I post on this blog, portal to the world, a transcending luminary TO Seraphine?"

First I say I am not a professional artist, dancer, writer, grammer buff, whatever, I apologize to any future viewers of readers for future mistakes, my basically illiterate manipulation of English semantics, and unrepentant sometimes harsh opinions...

My future plans for this blog include (hopefully) frequent posts on fashion, the events of our wonderful world, ballet, art, and my incredibly interesting teenage life