Monday, February 7, 2011


The most Beautiful thing you will see today*

I have already mentioned how rehearsals are special, the feeling is less false, less performance than art; it is people moving in space to music. if the smell of sweat makes the sentiment more palpable than profound then I believe it to be superior, perhaps to the actual spectacle.

*sorry about not embedding the video, technology challenged :/

Friday, February 4, 2011


Armani Prive

errgh blatent asian theme, futuristic blade-runner rice paddies, shiny shine
I am not a fan really, on the bright side----Techno and Kele!



Inspired by film Malena (duh)
My first Polyvore adventure, incredibly tasking and addicting,
I tried to chose clothing that I felt conveyed the feeling of Malena, obviously the pumps and purse are there for the 40s setting, but for instance there is a good reason why Malena is first in white and then appears later in increasingly dark colors. Just as Renato loses his innocence, so does she.

An overall great film I was incredibly moved and inspired by it.


A classic

Gadar is the first "Bollywood" film I ever watched and it remains to this day one of my favorites. 
Incredibly beautiful, uniquely Indian story with superb acting, just gorgeous songs, and awesome fight scenes (gotta love em'!).


First Letter
My first acceptance letter has arrived and granted it is my safety school (the one of public universities of my state) but still I am in, and the relief is overwhelming.
They have offered me a generous merit scholarship and I am bound to get financial aid which makes it look to be  a top contender in my book.
Whether I get into my other schools ( two of which are Ivies) I can still know that at least I am going somewhere, hopefully.



For anyone who has loved with a love more strongly than you have thought it possible to love thee
my angel 
who has saved me the undeserving tenant of 
that special little plot of land where the air is perfume and the land is a golden red field of
 I Love You 
whose river pools like sanguine waterfalls and courses through your life force revitalizing the esoteric realms of your beautiful mind and yea though I be timorous like a small mouse who you have trapped
 I feel that our love is a love so abounding and tenacious because
 I love so strongly


Beautiful Bollywood Dress
I picked it up at a thrift store
Unfortunately too big for me and I didn't want to risk ruining the beading/ sequins
I ended up returning it (I know for a whole $15 yes I am cheap)

I apologize for the crappy nature of this photo hopefully I can invest in a tripod soon (and a clean mirror!)
and also for my fug shoes-they are hot

still I felt like I should be prancing about on an alpine slope or a field in Italy
and regardless of the fit a thing of beauty is worth a pause