Monday, January 24, 2011


Fashion Fix or What I am Craving:

This Lady-Like Dress which I would wear to a hypothetical tea party if I were a cultured dame

image via

Lacy Lingerie- sweet N' low like a light sartorial confection. No whorish Victoria Secret "SUPA SEXI" for me, I'm a good girl I am.


TIGHTS and NOT the pink rosin-stained ballet kind ;), I need some classy nylons.

American Apparel, I know not very classy but IRONICALLY they are pretty tame.
(see what I did there you hipster kids you)

UK Tights, A tad tres sexy but who's a sucker for trompe d'oeil? I am

Probably the only thing on this list I can actually buy on my bitty budget, Thanks Forever 21!

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