Sunday, January 30, 2011


My thoughts on the Grishko "Miracle" pointe shoe


Hello Hype! My fitter was so enthusiastic about this new shoe and she also was giving me a generous discount on the "lightest, quietest shoe with nanotechnology". 

The main reason why I bought them is because she said they would last me longer than either Freeds (which I kill within a class) or the Grishko Pro Quiets (which I kill within 2 weeks or 1 depending on how many classes I take).

It has been about 2 weeks and I'm pretty close to snapping the shank although the box is still very hard (actually reminds me quite a bit of my old Russian Pointes whose box lived for like 6 months). Additionally the shoe fits my feet oddly, I sink but the box puts a lot of pressure onto my bunion joints, the knuckles of my toes are pop out when I point my feet, and finally the heel of my shoe keeps on coming off much to the chagrin of my teacher so I will be forced to sew on ugly little "suspenders" to the backs of the shoe.

Next time I'll pass on the over-hyped gimmick shoe and just do my plain ol' Grishkos.

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